How I followed Google Bot for three months and what came out of it

24 September 2023
1 min.
Max Cyrek
Max Cyrek
Article updated at: 14 February 2024
How I followed Google Bot for three months and what came out of it

Every now and then, on internet forums and in more or less content-related groups on Facebook, there break out discussions on how Google Bot – that we shall tenderly call BG here – works: what it can see, what it cannot see and how it influences SEO. What kind of links it visits and what kind it does not visit. Today I will present the results of my three months long experiment.

And we had lots of fun playing games:

  • we played catch, observing how BG loves to run redirections 301, crawl images or run from canonicals
  • we played hide-and-seek in hidden content (which, as his parents claim, he does not tolerate and avoids it)
  • we trained survival: I was preparing traps and was waiting for him to fall into them
  • I was putting up obstacles with various difficulty levels to check how my little friend would deal with them

And I can tell you that I did not get disappointed…

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Max Cyrek
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