Right Keyword Research (to rank your site high on Google)

Each of us look for information and products online on everyday basis and internet engines are the most common tool for it. Every day, internet users search the engine’s data base with numerous enquiries based on specific keywords. They do it at work and at home, looking for dinner inspirations or ideas for a romantic weekend. How can you let your prospective clients find your website among all the search results? A thorough analysis and keywords selection is a step which, if you take it wrong or do not take it at all, can cost you the entire marketing strategy. It relates both to the positioning process and the activities in the paid advertising channels (such as Google Ads).

Selecting keywords — which words are worth choosing?

Before you plan SEO strategy, you need to analyse the website thoroughly. It is there where you are going to find the clues on the words which best describe the services or products you offer. Before you begin selecting the keywords for positioning, you need to determine the kinds of phrases from which you can choose.

Generic keywords

Generic keywords are very general queries which consist of one or two words. They are performed by the users whose expectations are unspecific. If you type the “shoes” keyword in Google, you will receive results that will be very general and often unrelated to your needs. Because there will be shops which offer many kinds of shoes, the competition will be huge. Therefore, I recommend not to focus on this kind of keywords. You can keep them in mind after researching more specific phrases.

Long tail keywords

These are enquiries consisting of more than two words. It is these phrases that we should pay a special attention to while choosing keywords. Why? The users who type “red stileto boots” look for a very specific group of products. It is worth your time to check various combinations of keywords which may be used by potential clients. They can also type “high heel red boots” or “boots red high heel”. Owing to the smaller number of search results than in the case of generic phrases, it is much easier to obtain a satisfying effect and you will obtain it in a much shorter time.

Question keywords

They are searches performed by people who look for advice or opinion on a given topic. This sort of phrases is normally applied by shops or websites which have an expert blog. A user who types into the search bar phrases relating to shoes might be interested in buying them (now or in the future). Below we present examples of phrases relating to the phrase “shoes”:

question phrases

Branded keywords

A branded keyword is any keyword used to search for a specific company name. They are used by potential customers who do not know a specific address or who are looking for a shop selling the given brand’s products Branded keywords are not only our brand but also the brands of the products that we offer. If you sell shoes of well-known brands it is recommended to attract traffic from searches connected to the manufacturer’s brand.

Regional keywords

For the websites which offer services and products only in their area these phrases are the best solutions at the time of selecting their keywords. Having a local shoe shop in, say, Amsterdam, you should go for phrases like “Amsterdam shoe shop”. Similarly, if you provide upholstery cleaning in Manchester, you want to attract traffic from users who perform searches like “upholstery cleaning Manchester”. Trying to rank high using keywords like “upholstery” or “cleaning” is pointless.

Google constantly increase the influence of user’s location on their search results. We need to keep in mind that high ranking in search results for “upholstery cleaning Manchester” often makes it possible to appear in results for “upholstery cleaning” typed by a user in Manchester. Below you can see that the search results for this phrase depend on the user’s location.

local phrases

Are you about to select your keywords? Check whether the phrases which describe the products or services you offer generate results dependent on the location. It is a crucial information at the SEO strategy planning stage.

Looking for keywords? Think like the your client

While selecting appropriate keywords, you need to think about how clients look for your products and services. It is you, the entrepreneur, who has to adapt the website to your clients’ needs. A question comes up at this stage: how do we select the keywords? The answer is simple. All we need to think of are the needs that our product fulfills and what our clients care about most. You can consult the clients, as well as your friends and acquaintances.

It is best to put yourself in your clients’ shoes. All you need to do is to spare a moment to think about what you would search looking for a given product or service. When you look for running shoes in your favourite colour, do you search “shoes” or “black running shoes”?

Analysis of competitors’ keywords

Once you have a selection of keywords (that describe your offerings) for positioning, it is worth your time to check out on your competition among search results in order to outdo them in the quest for high ranking in Google search results. Type “running shoes” in Google and make a list of other online stores that sell them. An analysis of keywords based on this knowledge is a great source of information.

Some of you will wonder why you should build on your competitors’ keywords. Personally, I am convinced that the websites which score high in search results have their keywords very well selected. If we can build on somebody’s good results — why not do it? Of course, it is not only about imitating your competition. You need to find a way to outshine them. Are you planning to launch a product that is going to be available also at your competitors’ stores? Look for new keywords now and plan your strategy. It can give you high ranking before your competition even begin to think about it.

competitors analyze

Useful tools for competitor’s keywords analysis

So you have the list of online stores offering running shoes. What is the next step? How to check the keywords other shops have optimized their websites with? For this you need paid tools which SEO specialists use for their customers’ and their customers’ competition’s keywords analysis. Here are a few most common tools:

Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool for suggesting keywords, available to any person who has a Google account. Is it free? The access is free but in order to be able to check the number of searches for given keywords in Goggle search results we need to have an active campaign in Google Ads. Having the campaign of paid ads involves expenses, so I do not see it as a truly free tool.

google keyword tool


This Polish tool is a perfect source of information about ranking keywords that drive traffic to our competition’s websites. If you are planning an analysis of your competition’s keywords based only on search results from Google.pl it is worth using Senuto’s data. For the time being they collect information only form the Polish market.

In order to analyse competition’s data, you need to search their website’s address and verify the most popular keywords. It is worth noting that Senuto is not only a tool for suggesting keywords. While analysing the competition, one can also check the ranking in Top3 and Top 10 as well as its potential drop. You can do this by using a chart available in Senuto after you type in the domain.



This is another tool useful in the analysis of a competitors’ websites keywords. Its functions are similar as in the beforementioned Senuto, but I recommend using both and comparing the information contained in their databases. As we can see in the chart above, both tools present slightly different data. There is a good chance that if you use both of these tools, you receive a more complete data than if you used only one of them.



This tool is well known especially well among the experts who work on positioning foreign websites. As opposed to the Polish tools above, it gives you the chance to fully analyse the competition in search results other than Polish. With this tool, we can check the most commonly searched phrases on German, British and American and other markets.



Ahrefs is a tool used mainly to analyse backlinks’ profile but it also has the function of keyword analysis — “organic keywords”. Because of its relatively high subscription fee it is used more often by SEO agencies that by websites’ owners themselves.



The keywords analysis that I have just described is an absolute “must-have” among the activities that you need to perform while planning your strategy and during a periodical analysis of our website’s ranking. Only choosing keywords at the beginning of your positioning campaign will not bring the expected results. Your competitors are constantly active and they are improving their working methods, as well as the database of keywords they want to rank for.

If you cannot analyse your competitors yourself or you prefer to have experts do it — drop us a line.

Right Keyword Research (to rank your site high on Google)