How to increase user engagement on YouTube?

How to increase user engagement on YouTube, at the same time maintaining good quality and your own style? Every youtuber asks this question at the beginning of his path. Unfortunately, new YouTube channels spring up like mushrooms but under most of the videos there is still this scary writing: „be the first one to comment”. How to change it and engage the users?

Here are 10 tricks which will help you increase user engagement on YouTube!

1. Ask a question

This trick works for basically any form of content and YouTube is no exception. You must ask a simple question which does not require the user to think a lot. You need to show him that his opinion is important and worth sharing. But be careful – avoid yes-no questions, they are way too easy and the user knows that such information is of little value, so they see no point in answering them. On the other hand, do not ask them to write philosophical essays. Nobody has the time to elaborate on complicated questions.

2. Ask to leave the answer in a comment

Once you have asked the questions, you need to direct the users. I know that in 2019 everybody knows that replies are to be left in comments, but this is about something else. It is about stressing that you care about those answers. A user who will see sort of an invitation to leave a comment is more eager to react. It is a mechanism like “ok, if you care that much, I will comment”.

3. Reply to every comment

And by “every comment” I mean EVERY comment. No exceptions! It is easy when the accounts are small, but as they grow, their owners tend to forget about this rule, which is a huge mistake. Your replies to comments are the next clue showing the users that you care and that you want to interact with them. Contrary to what one might think, it is an important factor influencing the engagement. Everyone wants to comment, hoping that they will be noticed.

4. Do not spare ❤

The hearts added in comments are more than thumbs up or down. First of all, the hearts attract attention. They shout that you are there and appreciate the comments. Secondly, the user is informed about the hearts and that influences the relationship – the user feels special and the chances that they will comment again go up. Because if you gave them a heart it means that you like them.

It is said that it is worth giving a heart to every comment, but you should be careful about that. Putting a heart at negative comments can mean that you laugh at the user, but it can also make you look immature.

5. Like your video

Yes, it is not a joke. And you do not need to worry about being accused of boastfulness. On YouTube, the people who give thumbs up or thumbs down are anonymous. So why does it matter whether you give your own video a thumbs up or not? Because it is a signal for others. If a user sees that a video has not provoked any interest and it has not got any likes, they are unlikely to give a thumb themselves. So, do not worry, and like your content. You know it is good, right?

6. Be the first one to comment

It is the same as with liking the video. Any comment below the video, even if it is yours, encourages users to engage. In the comment, you may express your opinion on a topic from the video or ask a simple question. Perhaps you will surprise the users with an additional information that you promised in the video? Besides, let us be honest – empty space under a video is just deterring.

7. Respond to negative comments

What about negative comments? Trick number 3 works here as well. You need to respond to EVERY comment, even a negative one. Sometimes it is worth getting involved in a discussion to prove yourself right. In the cases of online hate, the best response is a witty riposte. Many youtubers have gained applause thanks to that. It is also important to keep things in perspective – no one will treat seriously someone who acts like a child.

8. Go outside of YouTube

In order to increase the engagement of YouTube users, you need to… go outside YouTube. Additional accounts on Facebook or Instagram mean better chances of increasing the number of your fans. Moreover, there are various tricks for leading the users from one platform to another. It is a good idea to post a fragment of a discussion from YouTube comments (as a screenshot) e.g. on Instagram Stories or on Facebook. You should not spill all the beans, however. It is supposed to be a teaser encouraging to check the source and join the discussion.

9. Create your own hashtag

A hashtag referring to you channel or to the community gathered around it is a great idea. Not only does it create the impression of belonging to a distinct circle, but it also intrigues people from outside. A user who sees a popular hashtag that they do not know checks it out. Thanks to that, they discover new content and it is very likely that they will become a part of the community. You do not know how to choose a hashtag? It can be simply the title of your channel, such as #uxbezzargonu, but it can also be a totally different creation. You are limited only by your imagination!

10. Finish with a formula

“Like, comment and subscribe” – it is a formula that must stay in your head like the mathematical formulas before a school test. Save it on your mental hard drive and repeat, repeat, repeat… ad nauseam. Each video should be finished by encouraging the viewers to like, comment or subscribe. Even if you think that this formula is so worn that it is pointless. It is well-worn, indeed, but not pointless. The last seconds of a video are also the last seconds to remind the viewer that they are important, that you want them among your subscribers and that you want them to communicate with you. And they must be sure of that, otherwise they will not interact with someone who does not want it.

These were the 10 tricks that will help you to increase engagement on you YouTube channel. Remember, however, that no matter how hard you try for user engagement, no trick will work if the video is of poor quality. Good content first, tricks later.

So, now you have no choice but to like, leave a comment and share with your friends.

How to increase user engagement on YouTube?