We are a marketing agency who ensures that online activities don’t cause you frustration and give you satisfaction.

Your job is to take care of long-term plans. We’ll take care of the details – those small elements of your image, that like the pixels in a photo, create a larger, coherent whole.

  • Design
    1. Corporate Identity 
    2. Web design
    3. DTP
    4. Video Design & Dron Video
    5. UX / UI
    6. Animations
    7. Social Media Design
    8. 3D Visualtions and Animations
  • Marketing
    1. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
    2. PPC - paid search, social, display and video campaigns
    3. Performance Marketing
    4. Content Marketing
    5. Video Marketing
    6. Conversion Optimization
    7. Analytics
    8. E-commerce marketing
  • Communication
    1. Branding
    2. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
    3. Brand strategy
    4. Communication strategy
    5. Story telling
    6. UX writing
    7. Social Campaigns
  • Development
    1. Web Development
    2. E-commerce development
    3. CRM development
    4. Mobile apps development
    5. Landing pages


We create with passion, making quality and timeliness our commitments.

Our conference for developers attracts guests with unique website designs, and we give restaurant customers all over Poland the ability to conveniently order food using a mobile application.



Over 30 megapixels creates a unique, holistic experience for your brand. Each team member brings his or her view and professional approach to projects.

The creative department emphasizes the identity of your brand in graphic creations, ensuring their usability.

Developers transfer bold visions to reality firmly on the ground.

Marketers fill the first positions in the search engine with unique and valuable content. The whole becomes coherent and clear, as befits 30 megapixels.



As a digital agency, we create solutions that not only meet your needs, but are also perfectly tailored to your customers.

  • Communication

    We put communication first. Its absence is like a burned pixel. The image is clear, but this small detail distracts

  • Partnership

    We treat you like our partner. We know that your success is our success, therefore we operate on the principles of open cooperation

  • Approach

    We know that everyone needs different solutions. We will not offer you a service that is not tailored to your needs and clients.

  • Response

    Your emails will never be left unanswered. Our project manager will be in constant contact with you so that you can follow our progress.

Contact us

Cyrek Digital LLC
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